CUI Devices CPI Piezo Buzzer Indicators

CUI Devices CPI Piezo Buzzer Indicators are internally driven indicators that come with screw terminals, wire leads, or pin terminals. These buzzer indicators offer a 70dB to 97dB sound pressure level (SPL) range. The CPI series operates at a  frequency range of 2.8kHz to 4MHz and in a temperature range of -30°C to +70°C. CUI Devices CPI Piezo Buzzer Indicators incorporate a driving circuit that eases implementation during the development. These indicators are ideal for consumer electronics, medical devices, household electronics, and industrial applications.


  • Terminals
    • Pins (red copper with tin plating)
    • Panel mount with lead wires
    • Screw terminals (brass with nickel plating)
  • Piezo
  • Internally driven
  • Driving circuit eases implementation during development


  • 2.8kHz to 4MHz operating frequency
  • 70dB to 97dB SPL range
  • -30°C to +70°C operating temperature range


Publicado: 2019-09-23 | Actualizado: 2023-09-01